Instagram Display

I’ve got a new project I finished and wanted to share! It’s a very simple do it yourself, that mostly involves downloading a few apps, and picking up a great frame from one of my favorite stores, Pier 1 Imports. First of all, I love using the IPhone app, Instagram for quick pictures. I almost use it daily and love to post the pictures either on Facebook or here on my blog. Well, I’ve found a great app to print these little 4×4 photos and have them delivered right to my mailbox. No fuss at all. It’s super easy. I’ve been using Postalpix for a few months and love that I can upload pictures to the app directly from my phone! It’s great! The last step was this cute frame I found at Pier 1 Imports. The clothespins allow you to easily change out pictures to keep it fresh with the season. I’ve never been much for creating things on my own, so when it comes to DIY, I mean minimal work. 🙂 This working momma is always looking to make life easier. So here’s one you can find at a local store near you!! Hope you enjoy my display.

~ Kristen





8 thoughts on “Instagram Display

  1. Hello lifelyricsandpics, you have a very unique and lovely blog so musicologistblog has decided to nominate you for the Sun Shine award. Feel free to check out musicologistblog to see what it’s all about. =)

  2. What an amazing idea… I have a piece of wall art which COMES with the clips already… I’ll post a picture when its done! THANKS!

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